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Awesome way to get new leads.

Akshay G.

Client Partner and Business Development Manager

The easiest way to nurture your email list.

Alex L.

Managing Director / Digital Marketing Consultant

Create lead magnets and link to them via Boost. Easily and simply collect contacts via Zapier.

Vitali K.

CEO, Accounting

Setting up an opt-in link with Boost is super easy

See how it works...

In 3 easy steps

Step 1

Connect Boost to your email marketing service

Step 2

Create an opt-in link to your lead magnet or any exclusive content that you want to share only with your subscribers

Step 3

Send traffic directly to the opt-in link or add social signup buttons to your email optin forms to collect email subscribers
Your visitors can now sign up or subscribe to your email list without having to type their long email address.
This increases conversion rate and improve your visitor experience.

Easily collect real verified email addresses

Boost allows you to get verified email addresses people used when they create their social accounts such as Facebook, Google, Twitter & Linkedin.

BOOST also brings access to over 200 million active engaged Amazon customers.

If you sell anything online, these are the most valuable email addresses that you can get because these are real people who buy and spend money online.

Add a retargeting pixel to every opt-in link
Start building a custom audience on an ad platform and improve your marketing efforts. Increase your ads campaign CTR, decrease your CPC

Real-time synchronization
Easily export and sync your subscriber data
Boost integrates with popular email marketing services.
And with Zapier integration, you can sync data from Boost to hundreds of applications including CRMs, webinar platforms...

Boost's Users Enjoy Getting More Leads Every Single Day
Here are some of the reviews

With Boost you just set it in your site and forget it but gather all kinds of legit email addresses.

Ronald W.

CEO, President, Marketing Director, Lead Broker

I was able to add a high-value service to my customers at a low cost to my business.

Chris O.


I used it to track links from a QR code and it worked like a charm!

Remus V.

Co-Founder, Computer Software

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