Thank you for buying client accounts

You can now create more client accounts.
Below are a few things to help you get started making money with Boost Agency



Your clients will have the same features as your agency account.
You will need to have either a paid Boost or Boost Pro account before becoming an agency.

The number of email addresses your clients collect will be deducted from your main agency account.
So if your clients are using up your quota, you need to upgrade your Boost or Boost Pro account to a suitable plan.

Marketing materials

We've added some marketing materials including graphics and email swipes to help you to promote this software solution to your clients.

Click here to check them out.

Also feel free to use any images, texts or videos on Boost website for your marketing if needed. 

Video tutorial

Boost agency features for white-labeling & managing clients are super easy to use.
However, if you need to quick walk-through, check out this video.

Please contact us if you have any questions

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