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We have a special video for you below explaining what opt-in URLs are and the proven strategies to use them. 

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How to get started

How to create an opt-in URL in less than 1 minute


Step 1: Access the software

Please click the button below to create a Boost account


Step 2: Get your thank-you page URL ready

Get the URL that your send to people to after they fill out your opt-in form ready.
It can be your thank-you page or lead magnet or whatever URL you send people to after they fill out one of your optin forms


Step 3: Follow the instruction

Once you’re inside the dashboard, there will be instructions for you to follow to create your first social signup URL with Boost.


Step 4: Created your first social signup URL?

Great! Go to that URL then click on the accept button if there is.
Then refresh the dashboard, you’ll see that your email address used in your social account has been collected


Step 5: Option 1

Create a button on your landing page or optin form or wherever your want to add Google signup option. Say something like: “Opt-in with Google”

And link to the shortened URL that you just created


Step 6: Option 2

​Just share URL that you just created anywhere you want that you can share a URL to start getting email addresses WITHOUT having to use an optin form:

Social media, Guest Post, Youtube Video Description, Your Blog/Social/Video Comments|
You name it!
You can get email addresses wherever you can share a link just like this:

How easy is th​at?

You can create social signup options for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google and even Amazon and Paypal.
You can also sync the email addresses that you collected to your email auto-responders to start sending email to your new subscribers.