How to Set-up Boost Custom Domain with Cloudflare

I. Video Tutorial: Please click full screen (Important Note: On the CNAME setup in the video: If you are a Agency user setup this for your login domain in Boost custom domains settings, you can choose any subdomain name you want. The default settings is ‘’.) Select CNAME again, then add ‘subdomain’ and for domain name. II. Written Tutorial: Go to … Read More

How to create Free SSL

How to create Free SSL I. Video Tutorial: Please click full screen II. Written Tutorial: Go to Enter * and Then Create Free SSL Certificate Click Manually Verify Domain (DNS) Copy the TXT records and values below in your DNS settings Select Type: TXT – Text record then paste your text record in Host/Name and Value. Next, verify … Read More

How to use your custom domain with Boost? (CName Method)

Important update: In your custom app settings, you will need to add the following 4 URLs.For example, in your Facebook app settings, you will have to add: To use your custom domain or subdomain with Boost,Go to Setup > Custom domainsNext, update your DNS settings. (Note: after updating DNS settings, you may need to wait for a few minutes to one hour for the changes to … Read More