How to create Free SSL

How to create Free SSL I. Video Tutorial: Please click full screen II. Written Tutorial: Go to Enter * and Then Create Free SSL Certificate Click Manually Verify Domain (DNS) Copy the TXT records and values below in your DNS settings Select Type: TXT – Text record then paste your text record in Host/Name and Value. Next, verify … Read More

How to use your custom domain with Boost? (CName Method)

Important update: In your custom app settings, you will need to add the following 4 URLs.For example, in your Facebook app settings, you will have to add: To use your custom domain or subdomain with Boost,Go to Setup > Custom domainsNext, update your DNS settings. (Note: after updating DNS settings, you may need to wait for a few minutes to one hour for the changes to … Read More

How to create your own social apps to use with Boost

Important update: You need to put these URLs when creating your social apps: For example, for Facebook app: Create Apple Login appI. Video Tutorial: Please click full screen  Create Facebook Login appI. Video Tutorial: Please click full screen  II. Written Tutorial: 1. First Go to 2. then Click My Apps  3. Create a New App  4. Fill in the details: Enter your Display Name and Contact Email. Then click Create … Read More