New Boost Feature: Customize Social Login Pages

Hey Boosters, We’ve got some new features for you and you will surely love it. We are now adding a new menu on Boost dashboard called “Social Login Pages” which allows you to customize your login options for your visitors. Here, you have full control on what social media accounts you’d like your visitor to use to opt in and … Read More

Manually sync subscribers

Fixes Agency – Aut0-assign custom apps to clients: Now when you assign custom domains to clients, custom apps that are linked to that domain will be used as default social apps for the clients. Connections: fix API connections to these services: Aweber Mailchimp Getresponse New Features Manually sync subscribers: Use this button to manually sync all your contacts of an … Read More

Find out where you are managing your DNS records.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to point your domain to Boost depending on where you are managing your DNS. You can skip this tutorial if you are already familiar with DNS such as pointing CNAME, creating A records, etc. This is meant to be a basic tutorial on DNS management tailored to Boost In which we were … Read More