New Boost Feature: Customize Social Login Pages

Hey Boosters,

We’ve got some new features for you and you will surely love it. We are now adding a new menu on Boost dashboard called “Social Login Pages” which allows you to customize your login options for your visitors. Here, you have full control on what social media accounts you’d like your visitor to use to opt in and design in your own style.

Doing it is easy. Here’s how!

  1. On your dashboard, go to Setup – Click Social Login Pages.

2. Build your Login Page

3. Drag and Drop Your Social Media Login Buttons

Then design the page however you like

4. Save Changes

5. Go to Dashboard – Apply Login Page to your Boost opt-in link

6.  Once that is applied, toggle the buttons on and hit “save”.

7. Click “Create Boost Link”

Your dashboard will now generate you a link that you can use to activate your newly designed social opt-in page. Test it and see if it works!  It should look like this.

Test it and try to login using the buttons from your menu and you’ll see on your dashboard that it still successfully collects email addresses and information in the easiest, fastest and most convenient manner! 

Go and try it out!