How to use your custom domain with Boost? (CName Method)

Important update: In your custom app settings, you will need to add the following 4 URLs.For example, in your Facebook app settings, you will have to add: To use your custom domain or subdomain with Boost,Go to Setup > Custom domainsNext, update your DNS settings. (Note: after updating DNS settings, you may need to wait for a few minutes to one hour for the changes to … Read More

How to create your own social apps to use with Boost

Important update: You need to put these URLs when creating your social apps: For example, for Facebook app: Create Apple Login appI. Video Tutorial: Please click full screen  Create Facebook Login appI. Video Tutorial: Please click full screen  II. Written Tutorial: 1. First Go to 2. then Click My Apps  3. Create a New App  4. Fill in the details: Enter your Display Name and Contact Email. Then click Create … Read More

Find out where you are managing your DNS records.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to point your domain to Boost depending on where you are managing your DNS. You can skip this tutorial if you are already familiar with DNS such as pointing CNAME, creating A records, etc. This is meant to be a basic tutorial on DNS management tailored to Boost In which we were … Read More